A Free 5-Day Challenge To Build Your Big, Bold Brand

by simply adjusting your mindset, getting strategic, and taking action!

Why You Should Join ...

The word “brand” is tossed around each and every day, but the reality is that each person is a brand. That means there are more than 7 billion brands in the world ... and counting!  

That also means that you need to take control and create a personal brand and business identity that connects with your audience.  

Now is the time to:

- Craft a brand that truly connects with your ideal, target audience  

- Define what makes you unique and memorable

- Start introducing your audience to your brand

- Save time and energy

In just 5 days you can enhance your brand, so it can truly stand out. Let's strategically build your brand.  

Are you up for the challenge?  

Here's What We'll Do ...


Your Personal Brand

We'll focus on building your big, bold brand from the ground up. You'll be challenged to think clearly about your image, name, as well as your brand essence.


Your Audience 

You’ll be tasked with identifying your ideal audience. We'll work on nailing down the right audience that will be attracted to you. 


Standing Out 

You’ll be challenged with conveying your brand's meaning through visual elements, including a logo, font, and colors.


Marketing Materials  

You’ll be given a few exercises to help you pull together your brand's collateral. We'll work through the many ways in which your brand can leave a lasting impression.


Your Arrival 

You’ll be tasked with introducing your brand to your target audience, and you'll learn just how to do this--the right way.

What You'll Get ...

Through the Make Your Mark 5-day challenge, you'll get:

 - 5 days of strategic brand building tips (Valued at $1,003) 

 - "Connector Worksheets" for tackling each day's exercise, so you can head in the right directon. (Valued at $97)  

 - Access to the private community of likeminded entreprenuers (Valued at $997)  

Overall Value of $2,097


 - The top 20 brands in this challenge with the biggest transformation will receive a RAW BRANDED® package that includes: a style guide template, a detailed brand audit checklist, and a LIVE video production worksheet. 

 - The top 5 brand builders will get all of the above bonus items PLUS a free 15 minute consultation call with me!



This course is for anyone who is:  

- a newbie to entreprenuership and brand building but not sure where to start.

- interested in starting a business based on your brand.

- struggles with finding the right audience because they somehow keep missing the mark.  

- willing to do the work needed to reach a goal, so opportunities won't keep passing by.  

- an introvert and nervous about putting themselves out there in the public’s eyes.  

- ready to have fun but serious about crafting a memorable brand.  

Now, are you ready for the challenge?


Renée A. Walker, M.S. has more than 16 years of experience in the field of education, which includes communications leadership in a top K-12 private school as well as leading public and private universities. 

She is the founder of RAW BRANDED®, a marketing and communications company that helps creative people and small businesses to make their mark through authentic brand building. 

A Free 5-Day Challenge To Build Your Big, Bold Brand

by simply adjusting your mindset, getting strategic, and taking action!