How to Build a Solid Brand and Online Following for Your Creative Business in 60 days 

by simply being yourself and showcasing your strengths, without being overwhelmed or falling into a tech rabbit hole 


- need help with marketing your skills and growing your business.  

- have been looking left and right and see more and more creatives jumping onto scene, and you feel left behind.  

- know that digital platforms are the way to go, so you’ve shelled out big bucks for a website and have been promoting yourself on every single social media channel possible.  

- have been trying to gain followers in the hopes that these people will become paying clients.  


People still aren’t coming to you.  

Sounds familiar? 

Well, you do have what it takes to spark people’s interest, and fortunately, there are key steps that you can take to strategically build your brand.  

And the time is now!  

As an artist, you've got an advantage, since your skills are needed to serve many present-day needs. Given the demand, you can cleverly position yourself to allow your brand to stand out. 

Not only that, but you can also make a living doing what you love by being uniquely you. 


The word “brand” is tossed around each and every day, but the reality is that each person is a brand. That means there are more than 7 billion brands in the world ... and counting!  

That also means that you need to take control and create a personal brand and business identity that connects with your audience.  

However, I realize this may not have been easy for you ...


Let’s be honest. It isn’t easy to grow a brand and a business due to life's demands. 

You may have limited time to dedicate to brand building because you may be juggling family responsibilities while hustling hard on the side.  

You may also find that it’s pretty darn hard to try to be everywhere online ... at the same time! 

You may also find that everyone is using multiple tools, and you lack these resources because you don’t know what you actually need, don't have the funds to splurge, and don’t speak tech!  

Then there is the added challenge of trying to mine the whole, dynamic digital landscape.  

Do you find yourself asking, “Where do I even begin?”


The truth is getting your brand recognized is not easy.  

More and more people (including your competitors) are trying to do exactly what you do, and the competition is growing—but that is a good thing!  

Increased competition means that there are greater opportunities for you to attract an audience because there is a greater need for your offering.  

It will take work to get your brand to shine—but it is doable. That’s what’s most important.  

You can’t simply design a logo, present it, and call it a day.  

You’ll also need to go beyond just forming a business, only to abandon it or sit on your plans.  

You need a foundation for your brand and step-by-step instructions on how to get in going from start to finish. 


I've been there and done all that you’ve done.  

I’ve spend countless hours and funds to painstakingly bootstrap together ways to build my brand.  

I’ve worked late into the night at a full-time job while juggling school, family, and biz building on the side. The hustle is hard and the struggles are real! 

I now know that if I had the right strategies in place, I would have saved much-needed time and energy instead of trying to figure it all out on my own. 

With this knowledge finally in hand, I’ve used several strategies to teach and mentor dozens of small business owners to build their businesses and personal brands in order to secure university and government contracts.  

I’m passing along the trade secrets of bigger brands as well as my knowledge of what it takes to be RAW BRANDED®, to connect authentically with an ideal target audience that will welcome the value you’re providing them.  

Now is the time for you to take your brand and business seriously, so you can thrive and increase your earnings.  

There is still room in the marketplace for you to jump in, make some noise, and leave a lasting impact on prospective clients.  

I'd like to help you to remove the guesswork and achieve this goal by introducing you to 

The Product is YOU  

How to Build a Solid Brand and Online Following for Your Creative Business in 60 days 

by simply being yourself and showcasing your strengths, without being overwhelmed or falling into a tech rabbitt hole 

I've taken all of your questions and answered them in this course. You will be taken step-by-step into brand building and growing a business online.  

This course provides you with mindset training, planning, and methods for execution without the guesswork.

You'll learn the strategies that I've used to help multiple personal brands and small businesses to get noticed, get contracts, and grow an income.

At the end of this course, you will gain a solid foundation and know what it takes to grow an audience and capture leads.

Here's what I'll be teaching ...


Your Personal Brand

We'll work together to pin down your authentic brand's personality and competitive advantage. You'll be able to build your foundation and goals with a clearly communicated vision and messages.


Attracting Your Audience 

You’ll learn how to build an audience that know, like, and trust you. You’ll find out where to find them, who they are, and what they are looking for in order to sustain your brand's connection and build it into a business. 


Making Your Mark 

You’ll find out how to craft your brand elements, including a logo, color story, and style guide. You'll work like a designer (minus the complicated tech obstacles) to craft your signature marks for print, social media, and websites through six in-depth lessons.


Marketing Funnels & Leads  

You’ll be introduced to ways of acquiring leads, also known as potential paid clients and customers. We'll work through this concept before diving into the creation of lead magnets and a strong funnel that was crafted just for you.


Websites That Convert 

You’ll craft a website that will make sure that your brand can be found. You’ll discover the essential pages and tools for your website, and we will work step-by-step to build a website that is uniquely branded and optimized for search engines. You'll also take a tour through analytics.


Emails That Convert  

We'll discuss and work through how emails fit into your marketing funnel. You'll get a full understanding of how strategic communications can build relationships with your audience members. I'll also give you a solid, customized email funnel for use in converting your followers into paid clients and customers. We'll also craft an email header for your messages.


Videos That Convert 

We'll use videos to quicken the relationship building process with your audience and further showcase your brand. I'll breakdown the tricks and walk you through how this fits within your marketing strategy.



To ensure that you'll get all the support you'll need along the way, you'll also get access to  


(a $997 value)

A mastermind group for creatives who are ready to take action.  

- Gain access to office hours with bonus insights from the instructor.  

- Meet other experts.  

- Troubleshoot and get ideas.  

- Find friends and a community that will keep you accountable.


(a $97 value)  

This document outlines the course material, so you can set weekly objectives to get your work completed. It works as yet another way in which you’ll be supported and guided towards your goal. 

BONUS #3: GO LIVE PRO Training  

(a $197 value)

Additional detailed tutorial on how to host professional live streaming videos for webinars and audience engagement. You’ll learn how to showcase slides, videos, and images for an enhanced viewing experience on any social media platform.

BONUS #4: Content Strategies Training

(a $297 value)

Another detailed tutorial on how to find ideas for creating content based on your audience's interests. You’ll learn how to find this essential data, so you can share information that people actually want and that will actually allow you to stand out from the crowd. You’ll also receive a content calendar to help you with your planning. 

BONUS #5: Webinar Script

(a $97 value)

To help guide you with your training videos, I am giving you an outline for your videos. It will remove the guesswork, so you can begin crafting the communications that you need when on camera.  



- Craft a brand that truly connects with your ideal, target audience  

- Build a functioning business in 8 weeks  

- Save time and energy  

- Shape your industry by uniquely being you  

- Gain confidence in The Product That is YOU!  


"Renée has helped me to feel more comfortable creating a presence on social media. She is a great resource to work with as she provides tips and techniques on how to successfully navigate through the world of social media marketing."  

~ Virginia 


You're in luck! I'm letting the first 50 students in as the exclusive Founding Members. 

Total Value: $4,682 Normal Price: $997 Your Price $597 

4 payments of $180 (flexible)  

1 payment of $597 (save $123)  



If you’re unsure about taking this course, take comfort in knowing that you have 30 days to test it out.  

Team RAW BRANDED has dedicated many hours and research towards developing this course to ensure that it serves your needs. As a result, this course also requires that you dedicate the time to complete the course work.  

Please only purchase this course if you are sure that you are committed to this. Refunds are issued only after the course materials are completed. You’ll email your completed work to  

Please review our full policy, including instructions on refunds.  

View the full refund policy.


This course is for anyone who:  

- wants to build a brand and is not sure what to do first, second, third, and onward.  

- have or want a business but not sure how to make it profitable.  

- is tired of missing opportunities and watching people like them succeed online.  

- struggles with finding the right audience because they somehow keep missing the mark.  

- is willing to do the work needed to reach a goal.  

- is an introvert and nervous about putting themselves out there in the public’s eyes.  

- is ready to have fun and don't take themselves too seriously ... yet is serious about building a brand and business.  

Sounds familiar? Then this course is ideal for you! 


The full course that includes:

- 7 modules jam-packed with several key lessons

- "Connector Worksheets" for each module that will assist with goal-setting  

(Valued at $2,997)


- Private Facebook Group with weekly LIVE Q&A sessions, when you'll be able to have your additional questions answered (Valued at $997)

- Professional LIVE Video Tutorial (Valued at $197)

- Course Strategies Video Tutorial (Valued at $297) 

- Webinar Script (Valued at $97) 

- Action Planner (Valued a $97)

Total Value of $4,682


"She doesn’t just give us a list of marketing clichés or gimmicks that promise to give you 10,000 clients overnight. She teaches you how to build a business from the ground up."  

~ Khaleef and Sherrian, KnSFinancial


You don't want opportunities for your brand to keep on passing you by.  

You don't want to wait another month, 6 months, or year to start making an impact and income.  

Something will always come up, causing you to always have an excuse not to take the opportunity to invest in your brand.  

You want to make the right match with the right audience, so you can become an influencer in your industry.  


1. What if I’m just starting out and don’t have a list or idea?  

The Product is YOU is the perfect course for you. We’ll start at the beginning with building your brand (even as an introvert) and transition through how to position you or your business as a lead generating machine that can connect authentically with the right audience. The hard work of figuring it all out has been removed for you. Instead, you can jump right into getting your brand together and taking the steps needed to drive an online business.  

2. What if there are a lot of people out there doing what I do?  

Awesome! Competition is a grreeeaaat thing! This means that there are many customers in your area of interest. With this large demand, people are in need of services and a representative that can help them meet their needs. That person/product can be you. You’ll need to educate your audience on what makes you unique, and this course will show you how.  

3. Does this course incorporate marketing tips and ways to build funnels?  

Yes, this course provides a one-two punch of showing you how to build a brand and teaching you how to build a system that can generate income for you. You’ll get the benefit of achieving dual goals that work hand in hand to give you an online presence and allow you to earn income.  

4. When does the course start and finish?  

The Product is YOU is a self-paced course, so you decide when it actually starts and ends. You can complete the course in 8 weeks, but the timeline is your choice. No worries. You will have unlimited access to the course materials.  

5. What is the time commitment for this course?  

Keep in mind that this course is self-paced. However, to make sure that you are completing the materials and building your brand, it is recommended that you spend at least 3 hours per week dedicated to the coursework. You’ll be spending a few weeks now for long-term gains. In addition, this course will save you the time it would take to try to build your brand and business on your own.  

6. Do I need to be tech-savvy to take on the course?  

You can go ahead and exhale. There is no need to be a tech guru in order to take part in this course. I will guide you through the techy portions of this course, so you can get your brand elements and marketing funnels quickly up and running! You can also ask me questions during the LIVE calls in our Facebook Group.  

If you’re ready to take this course but have a few lingering questions, email  


Renée A. Walker, M.S. has more than 16 years of experience in the field of education, which includes communications leadership in a top K-12 private school as well as leading public and private universities. 

She is the founder of RAW BRANDED®, a marketing and communications company that helps creative people and small businesses to make their mark through authentic brand building. 


You're in luck! As mentioned, I'm letting the first 50 students (Founding Members) in for a discounted price. 

Total Value: $4,682 Normal price: $997

Your price: $597 (for a limited time)  

4 payments of $180 (flexible)  

1 payment of $597 (save $123)